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John Lord BolingbrokeThe DesignHaving proposed to write some pieces on Human Life and Manners, such as to use my Lord Bacon's expression come home to Men's Business andBosoms, I thought it more satisfactory to begin with consideringMan in the abstract, his Nature and his State;since, to prove any moral duty, to enforce any moral precept, or toexamine the perfection or imperfection of any creature whatsoever, it isnecessary first to know what condition and relation it isplaced in, and what is the proper end and purpose of its being. This is the traditional comment that I have received time and time again for my remarkably nontraditional family, which consists of five stepbrothers, one stepsister, two half-sisters, my little brother, my stepmother and father, my mother and her fiancee with his own set of children! See " " guideline for more general information.

Bash assign list

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